How Online Search Has Changed In 2016

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How Online Search Has Changed

2016 will go down as one of the most exciting years for search engine optimization in the history of the internet. Never before have search results seen such a dramatic change in such a short period of time. For the last decade, Google has been tweaking their algorithm to try to deliver the best possible search results in the world. In the last decade they have began using a complex algorithm as well as artificial intelligence to understand their users better. One large portion of this involved actually building a profile on each searcher to better tailor results directly to them.

One thing that Google has struggled with is increasing the click through rate of their advertisements. This year they made a huge change by eliminating the side column ads and instead increasing the amount of in search ads that appear on the page. Instead of the typical one or two ads, Google now deploys up to 5 advertisements on the search results page prior to listing any of the organic search rankings. For many in the marketing field, this sent shock waves through the industry because many feared all the hard work they had put into organic rankings was for nothing. After much hype, the new ad update proved to be only slightly more effective than before and users quickly began skipping over ads and instead option for the organic listing. Google also tried changing the ad color to green, but users still for the most part ignored them.

2016 was also the first year we began to see the introduction and adoption of AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This new format is set up to allow pre cached pages to almost instantly load on any mobile device. The purpose behind this change is use minimum data while still delivering content to the user. Plus, speed has become a critical part of the search engine algorithm and SEO company owners around the world are paying for high-speed hosting to keep pace.

Another big change that took place in 2016 is the slow but steady increase in voice search. Especially among the youth, voice search is starting to gain popularity and estimates predict that this trend will continue. Instead of typing on their phone, millennials prefer to do things the lazy way, so voice commands work great for them. As voice search gains in popularity internet markets will no doubt be frantically searching for a way to capitalize on this growing trend. The year of 2016 will also go down in history as the year video became the fastest growing content on the internet. Now that bandwidth speeds have increased, video streaming has really taken center state for the majority of internet users.

Studies estimate that the majority of content on the world wide web will be video based within the next 10 years and giant social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have been working to capitalize on this growing trend. Facebook recently introduced Facebook Live where users can live stream anything they want to their friends list. Instagram has rolled out video and photo, as well as a new service called Instagram Stories which is a carbon copy of Snapchats “quick video” business model. In fact, this quick format model that Snapchat is the future because it allows people to get content out into the world quickly and effortlessly. Also, it’s important to remember that real time video streaming has been used successfully during large scale protests and news events. In fact, many predict the media will become absolute in a short period of time because they are no longer needed.

Technology has gotten to the point where anyone can stream something live to views so why would people need to only get their information from the news? The year 2016 will go down in the history books as one of the greatest years in the history of the internet.

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