FAA Clears Path For Commercial Drone Aerial Video Production


FAA Develops a Path for Commercial Drone Aircraft Operators

For the last few years the drone industry has exploded in popularity. The perfect storm is now happening with the prices rapidly decreasing while the technology is rapidly increasing. Up until now, the FAA has severely limited the use of drones commercially to those who obtain a special permit. These permits were given out very rarely and only on a case by case basis. On September 1st of 2016 the Federal Aviation Administration released a pathway for aspiring commercial drone operators to obtain a license to fly legally. The process includes a lengthy written exam similar to that commercial airplane pilots must take, but does not include flying time or a flight simulator. The purpose of the training is to inform the drone operator on flight restrictions, rules, correct operating procedure, and overall competency. Overall, to pass the testing requirements requires a large amount of study and competency. The FAA has set a very high bar on the commercial pilots which will severely limit the amount of people who seek out the certification. Furthermore, once a pilot is certified he will then have to seek out employment from local companies which can be challenging. Although obtaining your license can be difficult, the opportunity for licensed drone operators is limitless. As technology and drone safety improves we should see more demand from business owners for aerial services. The real estate industry has been one of the major industries demanding the Federal Aviation Administration create a path for legal commercial aerial photography.

Local video production companies are ready to use their skills commercially

For years drone pilots have been utilized by video production company to capture amazing aerial images. A local Portland video production company Morrisey Productions has been pushing the limits of what’s possible with drone videography. Recently, they produced a breathtaking film called Oregon Explored 1.0 which showcases some of the most scenic locations the State of Oregon has to offer. This visual masterpiece features multiple locations along the Oregon Coast in including Samuel Boardman State Park, Ecola State Park, Lincoln City Thumb, and Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach Oregon. Next, the video moves inland to showcase Mt Hood, Trillium Lake, Oneonta Falls, Rowena Crest, and more. This is a small example of the breathtaking videos that can now be created commercially through these new FAA regulations.

How commercial drone operators can change the world

Until recently, big movie production companies have utilized helicopters for aerial video and photography. This expensive process of capturing aerial images is both expensive and resource intensive. Plus, launching a helicopter with multiple pilots and a camera operator is huge expenditure and has severely limited the amount of aerial video you see. Now, even small productions can benefit from from the low-cost and high-quality aerial footage that’s available to them. The video production industry is not the only industry that will benefit from these new FAA regulations. Drones can also be used for maintenance and safety operations that are too dangerous for humans to perform. For example, if there was a nuclear meltdown at a plant you could hypothetically fly a drone over the scene to gain more data at a fraction of the cost of helicopters. Firefighters can utilize drones to track and monitor wildfires from the air without putting helicopter and airplane pilots at risk. For the last few years logging companies have utilized drones to survey and map out lands at a significantly lower price than the previous method of using helicopters. In modern warfare armies are using aerial crafts for intelligence gathering and actually attack missions. Giant companies like Amazon and others have promised to use drones to deliver packages instantly from warehouses directly to your home within the same day. The future for drones is endless and is only limited by your imagination.

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