Crowdfunding In 2017

Crowdfunding is More than Just Getting a Business Started

Imagine getting not only the funds to start-up your dream project, but seeing it adored by fans around the nation, or even worldwide. Today enterprising idea makers aren’t knocking door to door to pitch their inventions to investor groups and manufacturers. Nor are they shelling out their life savings to take a chance on their dream idea.

Crowdfunding is the modern way of turning an idea into a product. By crowdfunding, you not only get help starting your product launch with some funds, you gain a base of interested cult devotees. This garners the attention of investors and manufacturers who take notice of your results reaching a smaller audience of individual consumers. Crowdsourcing the funds to launch an idea does more than pay for it.

Create Buzz

To run a successful campaign on sites like SmashFund, Indiegogo, and Profunder means getting out there on social media. As people get excited about your video pitch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they will share it with friends and help you create brand awareness before you even launch your business. This individualized approach to campaigning means you convince individual backers one by one, you gain a buzz of interest from everyday people who want to see your ideas come to action because you got their attention in your pitch.

It Gains a Loyal Following

People like to be part of a success story, especially for something they want. The same people that will share and promote your idea to friends are likely to be the ones who will invest at higher tiers for bigger rewards, such as a the prototypes, sometimes paying 30% more than the retail cost to get it first and get your ideas out in the world. These are the best fans to have because they will continue to celebrate in your product’s success and buy into your new ideas. Getting a crew of loyal early adopters and keeping their attention can be hard, so remember to appeal to what people will want out of your product and make your video pitch interesting.

Investors Take Notice

If you can show big stakes investors you gained a following of 100 or more people who already bought into your idea at the micro-investing level, you’re going to be taken seriously. Larger investors and firms want to see numbers that show you already carry an influence on the market. When they can already see success from you, their confidence you’ll earn a profit means they are more likely to throw support your way. Suddenly, funding a bigger product launch or a second run is an option you never had before.

If you’re looking to launch a dream idea into reality, start checking out SmashFund, IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, Microadventures, and more to see which site will work best for you. Some are very selective in the projects they sponsor while others will take any idea but require a fee from you to get started, Also expect to pay around 5% in fees to sites like Kickstarter for handling your funding. And remember, don’t be intimidated out there, this is one of the safest ways to launch a dream because you’re already testing the market before you put out capital of your own.

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