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4 Great Questions to Ask to Make Sure Your Business Service Monitoring is Fit For Purpose

Thousands of air passengers had to take off from Paris’s biggest airport without their bags on Friday because a computer error had caused security scanners to break down. The authorities promised to send luggage on but were unable to say when this would happen. The problem, which started at 5.00am, took hours to sort – it was not until 1.00pm…

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The Internet of Things – Is This the Back Door You Forgot to Lock?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is exciting. Appliances, machines and objects with electronics embedded in their DNA meaning that fridges can keep themselves stocked, production lines can be managed remotely and hostile dangerous environments can be safely monitored and controlled from a far. It’s a game changer. It is also game changing in the way that your organisation has to…

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Q: How Seriously Should You Take Internet Security?

“How seriously should you take internet security?” a client asked me this week. I thought for a second and answered, “More.” Wherever you are on the security maturity spectrum, you can be sure that the bad guys are redoubling their efforts to breach your defences. An indicator of this is the growing size of the market. In their study “Global…

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IT Security Risks and Seven Ways To Prevent Them

In my last blog “Q: How Seriously Should You Take Internet Security? A: More”, which did exactly what it says on the tin, I recommended more bespoke and targeted security to prevent more targeted hacking attempts. Then, as if to prove my point, the US government got hacked! The US has said it faces a “dedicated adversary” and an “ever…

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