Can The Law Of Attraction Improve Your Online Success?

the law of attraction

What is the law of attraction?

The law is a shorthanded name for the law of attraction. This ancient law has been known and utilized by great leaders since the beginning of time.  Essentially, the law states that the dominate thoughts in your brain directly correlate to the results you receive in the real world. Let me explain that again, the way you think in your mind is directly related to the reality you create in your world.

Now, to many this may seem to far fetched to believe and most people brush this off as a conspiracy or new age quackery. Unfortunately, this basic concept is most than likely the most important piece of information you could ever receive, but the majority of people will never realize it. For those that do, the law of attraction is a blueprint for how to create abundance and wealth in your life with seemingly little effort.

The truth is that it will actually take less work to become rich than it will be live a mediocre life. For example, you could work everyday at a 9-5 job only using half your brain power, but in the end your wasting your time and energy and only receiving a very small result. On the other hand, if you internalized and practiced the law of attraction it will be hard at first, but eventually success and even money will flow into you with seemingly little effort. In fact, the more people understand the law and implement these principles into their life the quicker money will flow into you.

Furthermore, if people fail to implement proper thinking and affirmations into your life it will be nearly impossible to ever create substantial wealth or achieve your dreams. Think of it this way, the law of gravity is present in our lives 100% of the time. In the same vein, the law of attraction is always there, but most of us don’t have the knowledge and intellect to see how it’s effecting our day to day life.

How it helped me

When I got out of college I always knew I was going to do something special and big in my life. In a way I was ignorant, but I had a total certainty about me that I was going to succeed in whatever business venture I chose. This complete certainty was in me long before I learned about the law of attraction and how to manufacture certainty. Similar to dumb luck, I stumbled up on the law without having to be told it. As my business career grew, I found myself successfully starting company after company, and only afterword did I realize how I did it. Whenever I started a business venture, I would convey total confidence to everyone in my life including my staff.

The energy I was emitting into the world was 100% positive and everyone around me could feel it. The universe will usually give you what you want, and my confidence resonated with everyone in my life. My latest business venture involved opening a restaurant in an area that many people thought was never good enough to make a profit. In fact, I had many people in my own family tell me that it was a bad idea and I should just stick with what I know. At the time, I was a combination of ignorant and ambitious and by seemingly luck I created great success for myself.

In retrospect, there was no luck involved and instead the results I received were directly correlated with the thoughts going on in my mind. You see, I was 100% confident I would succeed on the inside, and because of that I did succeed. It was only when I learned about the law of attraction 5 years later that I began to piece together my success. It’s true, the dominate thoughts in your mind will eventually create the results you see on this planet. Remember, there is a lag time to this process and nothing happens overnight.

Most of us here are online innovators and creators. The law applies to all of us and can help any of us in our respective fields. It is not restricted to certain niches or careers which is why we are sharing it here. If you would like to see one of the better programs to help you increase the law of attraction in your life, I would try Bob Proctors Magic In Your Mind Program here:

I really hope this helps and be sure to leave your comments below.

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